How To Buy a Second Hand Ice Cream Maker

best ice cream makerWith today’s economy, everyone wants to save each penny as much as they can. This is why folk consider purchasing used items.

You may be asking if this is a smart idea. The answer rests around the seller and the item in question. In some cases, purchasing used items may be a sensible idea. The main thing is to consider what are the instances that would signal the right time to buy used items.

When buying the best ice cream maker you can afford you should make your buying call based mostly on the seller’s reputation. The buyer’s top consideration is whether or not the quality of the merchandise will hold up.

How utilized is the item and its condition can play a serious factor in your buying decision. You may be worried whether or not the ice cream maker can still last for a considerable period of time after you purchase it. You can email the seller and simply ask how much the item has been used.

If you’re happy with the seller’s answer, you can go ahead and make the acquisition. If you suspect the answer is outside your comfort range, you can make a judgment call and consider other factors whether or not you can go ahead with the acquisition.

You can also ask about the physical condition of the ice cream maker. Some of the ice cream makers for sale won’t be in good shape and are offered “as is” then you might want to circumvent the purchase. But if you should happen to feel it is really worth the price, you can go thru with the buy.

You should accept the fact that when purchasing used ice cream makers you would not acquire a warranty from the maker. This will pose a problem when something fails with the item. Naturally, there’s a large likelihood that nothing will mess up with your machine. Some of the people do not mind purchasing used items and frequently they do end up with a great deal.

You will definitely enjoy your ice cream maker whether it is bought second hand or brand new.

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

ice cream recipeThe best way to obtain a smooth, evenly textured ice cream is to whisk the mixture carefully and freeze quickly.

The main thing you want to avoid is ice crystals forming in the mixture this can be achieved by adding air into the mix.

you can do this by taking the mixture out of the freezer after 20 minutes and giving it a further whisk.

Ingredients (serves 3-4)

200ml of milk
1 egg
40g of fine sugar
120g of Lindt 99% excellence chocolate
70ml of water
140ml of cream
7ml of vanilla essence


  • Whisk the egg and sugar and add the warm milk whilst whisking.
  • Add the mix to a bowl and heat without boiling for about five minutes
  • Strain this mix then leave to cool
  • Break the chocolate into pieces and place into another bowl add the water, dissolve this slowly over a low heat.
  • Add the melted chocolate to the previous mix and stir.
  • Important you now need to cool this mix.
  • Once cooled add the half whipped cream and the vanilla and gently whisk for 1 minute.
  • Place this in your freezer remove after 20 minutes and whisk (churn) for a couple of minutes then return to freezer


  1. Chill all the ingredients and utensils before you use them
  2. Be accurate with the quantity of sugar, to much will prevent the mixture from freezing and to little will cause the mixture to freeze hard and rocky
  3. Do not put warm mixtures into the finished container allow to cool
  4. Do not fill the container because freezing will increase the size of the contents
  5. Put the freezer on coldest setting

Ice Cream Makers: What to Look For

best ice cream makerOne of the appeals of going out for ice cream is instant gratification. You step up to the counter, choose your ice cream and eat.

A home ice cream maker requires prior planning, but that planning may make your frozen treats taste even better. Most of the machines use a freezer bowl and many are electric.

what to look for when buying an ice cream maker

Ease of Use

As previously discussed, the whole process does take some time, but the time is not active time. You don’t need to be standing there watching the mixer. Simply combine your ingredients, let them chill, dump them into the mixer and walk away.

Because the majority of these machines use some kind of freezing liquid, you cannot place them in the dishwasher. So you will need to wash the parts by hand.

Time Invested

The ice cream makers that employ the freezer-bowl method will require you to put that bowl into your freezer for up to 24 hours, or until all of the special cooling liquid is completely frozen. I suggest leaving your bowl in your freezer at all times, this way you can just grab it and go when you’re hankering for a tasty treat. If your bowl is totally frozen, making the ice cream can take anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour.

It really doesn’t matter if you use the freezer-bowl method or the electric method, your blend will initially have more of a soft-serve consistency. Manufacturers of both kinds recommend that after your ice cream is mixed, you stick it back into the freezer for another 45-60 minutes to solidify.


An ice cream maker is an appliance, and one that will take up counter and cabinet space. Before choosing an ice cream machine look at the specifications to make sure it is the right size and the best design for your situation.

From traditional to funky, ice cream machines all come in different designs.